This Winter we are heating up Tuesdays with two of our strongest team building programs: TRAPPED! inside Professor Qwbli's & Professor Qwbli's Cardboard Challenge s back!

Students in TRAPPED! Inside Professor Qwbli's will have work together to overcome obstacles & challenges, solve mysteries, find solutions to puzzles and persevere to escape Professor Qwbli's within 90 minutes!

Through Professor Qwbli's Cardboard Challenge student teams will be challenged to design and build architecturally inspired cardboard furniture, guided by the steps of the engineering design process. They cultivate their industrial engineering and design skills to design furnishings that meet functional, aesthetic and financial requirements. Teams present their concepts and display their final prototype furnishings in an online exhibition, as well as at Professor Qwbli's.

NOTE: Due to popular demand from our students in previous TRAPPED! session, we are adding a full emersion session on the last day of each session to give our students the full escape-room experience.

WHEN: Tuesdays

  • TRAPPED! 1/7, 1/14, 1/21 & 1/28

  • Cardboard Challenge: 2/4, 2/11, 2/18 & 2/25

TIME: 4:30 - 6:00
AGE: 13 - 16

  • 8-Weeks: $64

  • 4-Weeks - TRAPPED!: $36

  • 4-Weeks - Cardboard Challenge: $36

Here are some of the cognitive and developmental benefits of our Team-Building Tuesdays:

  • Increases Cognitive Processing Speed

  • Strengthens Problem-Solving skills

  • Enhances Cooperation

  • Strengthens Divided Attention

  • Strengthens Flexible Attention

  • Strengthens Visual/Auditory Sustained Attention

  • Develops Logic & Reasoning skills

  • Develops Planning & Sequencing skills

  • Enhances Social Skills

  • Develops Creativity

  • Develops Leadership skills

  • Increases Perseverance

  • Helps to develop Grit