Team Qwbli


J. Pine

Occupation: Teacher, President at Play With Purpose & Co-Founder of Professor Qwbli's
First Job: American Eagle Outfitters
Favorite Game of the Moment: Silly Street
Favorite 80's Movie: Sixteen Candles
Guilty Pleasure: Musicals
Favorite Quote: "Only through play can the highest intelligence of humankind unfold." - Joseph Chilton Pearce
Favorite Traverse City Moment: Sunset at Traverse City State Beach last July while vacationing from Southern California. There was a sudden peace within me as I watched my family playing with the sun setting over East Bay behind them as I realized that this is where my family belongs. 

Aneta Michalczuk

Occupation: Co-Founder of Professor Qwbli's
Worst Job: Caddie
Favorite Game of the Moment: SET
Favorite 80's Movie: Adventure's in Babysitting
Guilty Pleasure: Lifetime movies
Favorite Boy Band: Backstreet Boys
What she loves most about Traverse City: It feels like Stars Hollow. Poland and a metropolitan city like Chicago had a baby. People support their local community and it became home sweet home the instant I set foot in it. I love the water views even miles from the Bay and the faux mountains. It reminds me of my favorite spots in the world, yet it stands all on its own in its unique magnificence.

Professor Qwbli

Occupation: Lead Teacher on the planet Qeslora & Co-Founder of Professor Qwbli's
Favorite Earth food: Sushi (White on Rice!) 
Most surprising thing about Earthlings: Their sense of humor
Favorite Movie: Home
Guilty Pleasure: Pimple/Cyst videos on YouTube (check out Dr. Pimple!)
Favorite Song Lyric: "Never trust a big butt & a smile" - Bell Biv DeVoe
Favorite Traverse City Spot: The Little Fleet