Tristen's Summer Camp Offer


  • Week One: June 19 - June 23
  • Week Two: June 26 - June 30
  • Week Three: July 10 - July July 14
  • Week IV: August 14 - August 11
  • Week V: August 14 - August 18
  • Week VI: August 21 - August 25


  • FULL DAY: $225* (9:00 - 4:00)
  • AFTER-CARE: $40* (4:00 - 6:00)



Professor Qwbli's Summer Camps offer unique opportunities for students to develop their cognitive abilities, as well as motor functions and important life skills such as patience, cooperation, concentration, teamwork, perseverance and leadership in a setting that is just plain fun!

Your child will have a blast exploring games  & activities from around the world on:

Mind-Bending Mondays

Our Mind-Bending Monday was designed to foster creativity & innovation, to provide a platform for campers to collectively solve problems and encourage them to think differently, unconventionally and from different perspectives.

Through screen-free games, activities, brain teasers, riddles and conundrums, campers will experience a day filled with brain-boosting, laughter-inducing fun that they will never forget! Professor Qwbli’s believes students who learn to think “innovatively” are tomorrow’s great thinkers, leaders and problem solvers and their futures’ are limitless!

Team Building Tuesdays

Our founder’s favorite day of the week, Team-Building Tuesday is a unique opportunity for campers to learn important life skills by working with their peers to achieve a common goal.

Always with FUN as the first ingredient, Team Building Tuesday activities will help campers not only learn how to communicate effectively, to improve communications with others, to build trust of others, to think flexibly, to interact appropriately and solve problems, but also open them up to new friendships and help them feel more connected.

Through positive interactions & experiences during team-building activities and practicing being an effective team member and team leader, campers develop confidence in their own abilities and boosts their self-esteem. As with Mind-Bending Monday, Team Building Tuesday will help develop tomorrow’s great thinkers, leaders and problem solvers.

Wacky Wednesdays

We wanted to name this day Silly Science Wednesday, but since our Silly Science program is a bunch of wacky experiments and wacky goes better with Wednesday… Wacky Wednesdays it is!

Wacky Wednesday centers around the basic human motivator of understanding WHY. Why did that happen? How does this work? Curiosity about the world around us, about what makes it and us tick is at the foundation of invention & creativity. 

Wacky Wednesday will help campers not only satisfy some of their natural yearning to understand WHY, but also create a passion for science.

We have a bunch of silly, wacky, super cool experiments that will inspire your camper and leave them thirsting for more.

Think Big Thursdays

We have taken some of our most popular games and blown them up! You may have seen Giant Jenga or even Giant Connect Four, but just wait until you hear your campers' stories about our LIFE-SIZE Word on the Street, Giant Word Winder and how they created a Giant version of their favorite game for future campers to enjoy!

On Monday, campers learn to think creatively and “innovatively”. On Tuesday, they learn how to work as a team toward a common goal. On Wednesday, they learn how to use systems and procedures to explore ideas and answer questions. On Think Big Thursday they put all that together to create a masterpiece to “gift” to future campers!

FUNtastic Friday featuring Knockin’ Noggins Jr.

We finish off the week with a bang and our exciting new “game show”, Knockin’ Noggins Jr.! Knockin’ Noggins is a unique combination of board games, trivia, brain teasers, riddles and conundrums. 

We have taken the most popular rounds, brain-teasers and breakout games from our 7 years of Knockin’ Noggins events and crunched them into an unforgettable brain-rattling game-show style event. Knockin’ Noggins Jr. is the perfect high-energy ending to an amazing week!

Lunch is included and features meals from Blue Heron Cafe! Your campers will enjoy a taco bar, on Taco Tuesday of course, a hot dog bar, a Friday Pizza Bar and more!

Bottled water is also included. Parents are responsible for afternoon snack. Campers are more than welcome to bring their own lunch! Professor Qwbli's is a peanut free zone, so please pack accordingly.

Please have students dress in layers. Weather permitting, we be taking the kids outside!