2016-2017 After-School Program Offer

Professor Qwbli's Play-Based Learning Center & Qeslora Intergalactic Museum & Space Shop is opening next month in Traverse City, but you are in luck - Professor Qwbli's programs are available to schools nation-wide!

To celebrate our Grand Opening the Professor has an amazing offer for a full year of play-based, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing programs.

Not only will your school receive a full year of play-based after-school programming, but also:

  • Family Game Night
  • The Parent Institute

Get a FULL year (three 10-week semesters) of amazing after-school programming featuring, award-winning, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing games & activities from around the world.

Our programs were designed to build, strengthen and develop the EMOTIONAL, AFFECTIVE, PHYSICAL, ATTENTION, LANGUAGE, SOCIAL & COGNITIVE abilities of students that will lead to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families.

Note: Programs meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes are are staffed by our Program Instructors. 24 student max.

See our cognitive focus here.

See the schedule and program descriptions below.

To top all that off, if you book this week and choose to turn the included Family Game Night into a FUN(d)raiser, as we like to call them, we GUARANTEE you will recoup the entire cost of of this programming! If not, we will cut you a check for the difference. That's right, you would receive a full year of programs essentially FREE!

OR, if you do not want to turn the Family Game Night into a FUN(d)raiser, receive an additional 15% off the week of 8/8 thru 8/12. Click here to book.

Want just a 10-Week Silly Science program at your school? Book by August 12th at get it for only $2,250 - regularly $3,050. Click here to book.


Fall Semester

7 Ate 9

Why was six afraid of seven? Because 7 Ate 9 of course! Our 7 Ate 9 program differs from our Play With Purpose program, only in that we exclusively use games that have mathematical implications.

While playing and having a blast with their peers, our Contributing Teachers have put together an amazing collection of games to boost your students' math fluency. From the basic math operations, to mental math, to geometry, to logic and reasoning, our 7 Ate 9 program will get your child excited about math without even knowing it!

Professor Qwbli's Silly Science

Professor Qwbli’s Silly Science centers around the basic human motivator of understanding WHY. Why did that happen? How does this work? Curiosity about the world around us, about what makes it and us tick is at the foundation of invention & creativity. 

Silly Science will help students not only satisfy some of their natural yearning to understand WHY, but also create a passion for science.

We have a bunch of silly, whacky, super cool experiments that will inspire your child and leave them thirsting for more.

Click here to see some of our silly experiments.

Winter Semester

Spring Semester

Young Inventor Workshop

The Young Inventor Workshop was designed to help students imagine, design, test, and create their own toy or game inventions and to engage them in a positive and challenging endeavor that will help develop cognitive abilities, such as creativity and problem solving.

Students will work with PWP instructors and award-winning game inventors through our process of: IMAGINE, BRAINSTORMING, THE IDEA, THE PROTOTYPE, TESTING, leading up the BIG REVEAL, where students will pitch their games to their peers, teachers, parents, game representatives and even the media!

*The students retain all rights to their creations and intellectual property.


  • Family Game Night
  • Parent Institute


  • Young Authors Workshop
  • Gifted
  • Take Me To Your Leader (Leadership through play)


7 Ate 9:  $2,250
Professor Qwbli's Silly Science: $3,000
Young Inventor Workshop: $2,700
Family Game Night: $450
Parent Institute: $750

TOTAL: $9,150

Young Authors Workshop

The Young Authors Workshop features our unique curriculum that uses screen-free game play to stimulate the creative process, spark creativity and thought, then turn those sparks into amazing written works of art!

Students in our Young Authors Workshops have created: poems, songs, drawings, picture books, character profiles, press releases, essays, short stories, even a screen-play! One student re-wrote the rules to one of the games we used in the workshop and sent them to the company!

Gifted Program

This Dynamic Brain-Boosting program was designed to not only provide gifted students the proper level of challenge, but also address their social and emotional needs.

The program features problem-solving, reasoning, social, communication and creativity games that provide scalable degrees of difficulty and opportunities to take risks and be creative. These will strengthen the executive functioning abilities of the gifted learner, while enhancing their social skills and self-confidence.

Each game we use in this program was selected by G.A.T.E teachers, in conjunction with Play With Purpose founder, J. Pine.

Whoa! All that sounds so serious! All our students know is that are having a blast playing with their peers. Remember - DON’T TELL THEM; they are building the cognitive abilities that will lead them to a lifetime of success!