STEP 1 - After-Care Option

If you need After-Care (4:00 pm - 6:00 pm) for Snow Day Camps, click the button below. You will be charged $40 ($10/day) for the 5 camp package.


While Professor Qwbli’s does supply organic snacks, we do not supply lunch for our Snow Day Camps.

To promote a safe environment for all children and staff, Professor Qwbli’s has implemented a Nut-Free Policy. This is a strategy to educate parents and staff about reducing the risk of exposure to life threatening foods. It is important to note that the safety of children with severe reactions requires the cooperation of the entire community. Please read carefully so that you fully understand the guidelines that will be in place.

Professor Qwbli’s Nut-Free Policy

While considering all options to manage food allergy exposure at Professor Qwbli’s, we realized that any compromise to this policy would present an increased safety risk. We feel it is our duty as an organization to reduce that risk as much as possible and implementing this nut-free policy is the best way to do this. students.

We ask that no nuts of any kind be brought into Professor Qwbli’s for any reason. Foods sent in for snack, lunch, or any event (including parties, field trips, etc.) should be carefully checked to make sure they are nut-free. Families can help ensure that Professor Qwbli’s stays nut-free by reading packaging labels and reminding children not to share food with other children at Professor Qwbli’s. We need to make sure that there is little opportunity for a child to be exposed to foods that could harm him/her.


  • Professor Qwbli’s will maintain a completely Nut-Free environment.

  • Professor Qwbli’s will make sure our Nut-Free Policy is being enforced at all times.

  • Information pertaining to a child’s allergies will be shared with our staff who have contact with the child, but otherwise will be kept as confidential as possible.

  • Professor Qwbli’s will provide anaphylaxis training opportunities for staff.

  • Professor Qwbli’s will strive to instruct staff and faculty to recognize symptoms of an allergic reaction and to respond appropriately as necessary.


  • Please make sure that you always check the labels on the food you are sending in to school. The FDA requires all manufacturers to list on their label if peanuts and/or tree nuts are in their product. If it says peanuts/tree nuts are contained in the food, consider it a banned item. Remember – manufacturing processes change, so a food that was safe, may not continue to be. It’s still important to read the ingredient label each time you purchase a food.

  • Food labels that say: ― “May contain peanut or tree nuts” are NOT OK to bring to Professor Qwbli’s.

  • Food labels that say: ― “Made on equipment that also processes peanuts or tree nuts” are NOT OK to bring to Professor Qwbli’s.

  • Food labels that say: ― “Processed in a facility that also processes peanuts or tree nuts” are NOT OK to bring to Professor Qwbli’s.

  • Parents of children with allergies may submit to Professor Qwbli’s Staff protocols designed to avoid exposure to certain foods.

  • Parents of children with life-threatening allergies must provide Professor Qwbli’s with emergency medications and a written medical treatment protocol for their student for addressing allergy-related events. Professor Qwbli’s Camp Director will maintain the medication and information.

  • Parents are responsible to educate their child about managing his/her allergy at school.

  • Professor Qwbli’s cannot guarantee that a child will never experience an allergy-related event while at Professor Qwbli’s or in its care. Professor Qwbli’s is committed to child safety, and therefore has created this policy to reduce the risk that children with allergies will have an allergy-related event.

We appreciate your cooperation with this policy—and your help in keeping children at Professor Qwbli’s safe and healthy.

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