Creating Happy, Healthy  Brains





  • VARIETY ARE THE SPICES OF LIFE! Or at least the Keys to a Healthy, Happy Brain!

We are experts in screen-free game play! As such, we understand the cognitive benefits of play. We also understand that the social aspects of games plays a crucial role on the overall brain health of our clients. Our cognitive training programs incorporate the social benefits of screen-free game play to engage our clients for hours of fun and laughter to create healthy, happy brains!

Our founder, J. Pine, has extensive experience in the brain fitness industry, not only through his work with Marbles: The Brain Store, but through his work with senior homes, hospitals and his own history of head injuries, including a Traumatic Brain Injury that left him unable to walk for many months. Through these experiences and years of study, we have witnessed THE POWER OF PLAY heal and transform!

For years, we have been working with students, educators and families to help them develop the cognitive abilities that will lead to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families. NOW, we are using this expertise and professional background, along with our personal experiences, to bring you B.SHARP Game-Based Cognitive Training!

Our Services

Group Training

  • Knockin’ Noggins - A unique combination of trivia, board games, brain-teasers, riddles and conundrums.

  • Family/Community Game Nights - Everybody Plays! Professor Qwbli will host and facilitate hours of fun and laughter that is sure to be the most talked about event of the year. Each event is customized to assure age and developmentally appropriate activities, as well as optimal cognitive benefits.

  • B.SHARP Tournaments - Don’t let the competition scare you! This event is a blast for every age and ability level. We took the most popular aspect of our Family Game Nights and made a separate event out of it! TOO MUCH FUN!

  • Special Events - Once we have worked with a population, we are always asked to do more. In the name of brain fitness (Novelty, Variety and Challenge) we create customized events to engage your brain! Our B.SHARP Tournaments were one of these creations!

Small Group Training
Our small group training was developed to not only provide more targeted training and to address specific issues, but also to make sure we incorporate the crucially important social benefits of game play. Our Small Group Training is perfect for senior groups, hospital groups, stroke clubs or TBI meet-ups.

One-on-One Training
This is, obviously, our most individualized training – designed specifically for the individual needs of our clients. The One-on-One Training sessions start with an extensive Consultation (separate fee) to thoroughly understand the client's unique circumstances.

Our Consultation Service, more than likely, leads to weekly programming. When this happens, the consultation fee is absorbed into the programming fee. We understand that our services do not come cheap. Therefore, if weekly training sessions are not a result of our consultation, we make sure you walk away with a home training plan that will be sure to meet your unique needs.

For more information, Pricing or To Schedule a Consultation call 231.497.1900 or email