Professor Qwbli

Hello! My name is Professor Qwbli and I need your help in transforming education by harnessing the Power of Play!

A little more than a million years ago, I set out from my planet, Qeslora, on an adventure throughout the galaxy and when I got to Earth, I decided to stay here for a while since what I found was utterly fascinating.

On Qeslora, we play ALL the time and in the process, we learn. Here, you divide this into two separate categories. I find that puzzling. Then again, our Elders thought that way once. It wasn’t until they understood the Power of Play that we evolved into the higher beings we are today.

In the words of your Kay Redfield Jamison & Joseph Chilton Pearce:

My purpose here is to play. Education lies at the core of any and all solutions to issues that plague our collective future. As the lead teacher on my planet, I have been asked to stay to work with students, teachers and parents to offer some help and guidance.

With Play With PurposeI am establishing play-based learning centers across planet Earth, harnessing The Power of Play through screen-free games. I shall call them Professor Qwbli’s Play-Based Learning Centers & Qeslora Intergalactic Museum & Space Shops. Great name, huh? 

Here, among other things, we will help to develop tomorrow’s great thinkersproblem-solvers and leaders that will lead us to success within classrooms, homes, communities, the planet, and ultimately the entire galaxy.