Friday Pizza & Play Date Night


Friday Pizza & Play Date Night

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Fridays are Date Night!

How about a Friday night "Date Night" with your significant other with NO hassles? AND what if it were possible that while you are out having fun around town, your kids would participate in a fun out-of-this-world play experience TOGETHER despite their ages? What if we could provide a SAFE, FUN way for your kids to spend a Friday evening leaving you to actually ENJOY your date without worry? 

It's not only possible, but we make it simple. You drop off your kids at Professor Qwbli's for a night of yummy local pizza and award-winning, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing game-playing fun! We've gathered some of the best games from around the world to ensure your children have a blast (shhhhhh...they don't need to know that they are boosting their brain power in the process!) 

Explore Traverse City's amazing restaurant scene or enjoy a romantic meal at home! Traverse City was selected as one of the Top 10 Foodie Towns in America. To celebrate that, we will have special discounts to local eateries for you! 

Cost: $20 for the first child, $10 for each additional child. That's less than $7 an hour, PLUS they will be fed, be safe and have a blast playing amazing games! Professor Qwbli's just might become the hottest babysitter in town!

Ages: 5 - 14

Addional Children: