Makedo Sponsorship

DURATION: Nov 2017 through Nov 2019
PRODUCT: 3 - 5 Event Packs

GUARANTEE: If after one year (November 30, 2018), Makedo is not happy with their decision to become a Professor Qwbli’s/Play With Purpose sponsor for any reasonable reason, Professor Qwbli’s will refund the $750 sponsorship fee.


  • Sponsorship fee
  • 3-5 Event Packs
  • Quarterly Update Meeting (15-30 minutes)
  • Digital Collateral (we can pull from website)
    • Logo
    • Product Images
  • Willingness to share Professor Qwbli’s program, event, education and mission information with their mailing list, teacher network and social media outlets, when applicable and appropriate.


Product usage & Exposure

  • Professor Qwbli’s will incorporate Makedo products in the curriculum, agenda and lesson plans of our after-school/enrichment programs, camps, assemblies, classroom visits, Family Game Nights, professional development workshops, conferences, events and appearances where applicable.


  • We will provide quarterly feedback on your products from our experiences, as well as lesson plans, activities, classroom ideas, testimonials, pictures and videos for Makedo to use for marketing purposes
  • Makedo will be submitted for the 2018 & 2019 Outstanding Educational Value Awards
  • We will produce an exclusive product video, highlighting the educational benefits of Makedo, as well as adaptations and modifications created by our Contributing Network of Teachers for use in the classroom
  • We will create an online professional development workshop inspiring teachers to use Makedo and show them how to use Makedo in their classrooms
  • Makedo products will be featured on our social media platforms with pictures/videos/testimonials/stories/experiences from its use in our program and events
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