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This morning we had a Lifetime Camp Offer become available because the family is being transferred.

We initially were not going to make this available, because it takes us time to promote the spot and energy that we are now putting toward franchising and other projects. BUT, we are making it available! In order to help us fill this last spot, we are bring back the offer to make all our camps FREE until your campers age out of our camps!

That is right, your camper(s) will enjoy ALL Professor Qwbli’s Camps each year until your camper(s) age out of our camps at 14! That is our Day Camps, Snow Day Camps, Spring Break Camp & Summer Camps each year! Just look at how much you could save:


So, how do you get them free?

Here is the really cool part, especially because, essentially, we will be paying you to have your kids attend our camps! Your $3,800 (one camper) will be enrolled in our Revenue Sharing Program, where we are sharing 2.5% of our revenue (not profits) over the three-year period of 2020, 2021 & 2021. Chance are, especially with our franchising happening during that period, that you will earn a large return. BUT, you are GUARANTEED to recoup the $3,800! We are placing a Personal Guarantee on your investment, so that if you do not recoup your investment through the program, we will cover the difference, plus 10%. And with that, we just paid you to have your kids attend our camps!!!!

As if all that isn’t enough!

We are also including FREE After-Care with this offer AND a FREE year of our Pizza & Play Date Nights! Those two bonuses out value the Lifetime Offer itself!!!!

To make it easier for you to take advantage of this offer, we will split the fee up so that only $2,000 would be due today and the remaining balance not due until June 1st.

We have the Revenue Sharing Agreement and Personal Guarantee ready to go. If you are able, jump at this offer - we are not ever going to extend a Lifetime Offer in the future.