• FULL DAY: $50**
  • HALF DAY: $25**
  • AFTER-CARE: $8**

**15% OFF for additional children

Professor Qwbli's Spring Break Camps offer unique opportunities for students to develop their cognitive abilities, as well as motor functions and important life skills such as patience, cooperation, concentration, teamwork, perseverance and leadership in a setting that is just plain fun!

Knockin’ Noggins Jr.

We start our Spring Break Camps off with a bang and our exciting new “game show”, Knockin’ Noggins Jr. - The Unique Brain-Boosting, Laughter-Inducing Team Competition that is sweeping the nation!

We have taken the most popular rounds, brain-teasers and breakout games from our 7 years of Knockin’ Noggins events and crunched them into an unforgettable brain-rattling game-show style event. Knockin’ Noggins Jr. is the perfect high-energy kickoff to Spring Break!

Lunch is included and features pizza from Blue Heron Cafe

Bottled water is also included. Parents are responsible for afternoon snack. Campers are more than welcome to bring their own lunch! Professor Qwbli's is a peanut free zone, so please pack accordingly.

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Knockin' Noggins - March 24
Full or Half Day:
Additional Children: