“Only through PLAY can the highest intelligence of humankind unfold.”

— Joseph Chilton Pearce


Girls only Maker’s lab


Power of Play

PLAY requires kids to draw on various ways of thinking & learning. It allows kids to feel safe to explore and take risks. It helps them to make connections to ideas and concepts in the larger world around them. While engaged in authentic PLAY, kids develop, build and strengthen their imagination, communication skills and their artistic or creative faculties. It also strengthens their self-esteem and particularly, their self-worth as they come to understand that their contributions to the world are valuable and worthy.


PLAY is the primary influencer in the development of the EMOTIONAL, AFFECTIVE, PHYSICAL, ATTENTION, LANGUAGE, SOCIAL & COGNITIVE abilities of children.


Our Mission

We are developing tomorrow’s leaders by harnessing the power of play! Through our programs, events, camps, workshops and community involvement, kids learn a host of 21st century skills and attitudes, like critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork.

Through hands-on practical problem solving, interdisciplinary learning and the development of transferable skills, your child will imagine a world of boundless opportunities.


Professor Qwbli’s Cardboard Challenge


Exploring simple Machines


Snow Day Camp


PLAY is the primary influence on WORKING MEMORY, which helps kids hold on to information long enough to use it. Kids with strong working memories find it easier to use that information to reason, analyze and make decisions.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Programs & Camps

Every child is a creative innovator from birth. It is how learning takes place. The goal of education should be to sustain and empower that sense of wonder through adulthood. Creativity is the means by which difficult problems are solved. Practicing creative thinking ensures our capacity to bring real solutions to our world.
— Rob Hansen, The Leelanau School

Cognitive Focus

Our Student Programscampsevents, professional development workshops and brain fitness programs were developed to help individuals develop, strengthen and enhance the cognitive abilities that will lead them to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families. All of our programs use screen-free games and activities to accomplish the desired result. Our programs focus on the following cognitive skills:

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