Get your game played by THOUSANDS!

Our game sponsorship fee is now only $350!

How your game benefits:

Here is how your game would be positioned with a sponsorship and why you should become a sponsor:

  • Student Programs (Local programs at Professor Qwbli's & 20-40 National programs) Your game will be included in the curriculum for one or more of our enrichment programs.
    • Programs
      • Sharp As A Tack
      • Maker's Lab
      • Silly Science
      • Young Inventors Workshop
      • Knockin' Noggins Jr.
      • Young Authors Workshops
      • 7 Ate 9
      • Code Ninja
      • Gifted
      • Creative Writing Lab
      • Special Needs
      • ESL
      • Special STEAM-based programs, including our new Brilliantly Beautiful series exclusively for girls

Estimated Reach: 5,500

  • Camps (Your game will be a part of all our camp curricula)
  • Family Game Nights: Your game will be featured at our Family Game Nights (Estimated Reach: 3,500)
  • STEAM Assemblies: Your game may be featured at our STEAM Assemblies (Estimated Reach: 6,000)
  • Professional Development: Product play, demo & discussion at our Professional Development offerings:
    • Conferences
    • Workshops
    • Exhibits
    • Speaking Engagements

      Estimated Reach: 15,000
  • Marketing
    • Your game will be featured on our social media platforms with pictures/videos/testimonials from its use in our program and events
    • Your game will be submitted for the 2017 & 2018 Outstanding Educational Value Awards
    • We will produce an exclusive product video for your game, highlighting the educational benefits, as well as adaptations and modifications created by our Contributing Network of Teachers for use in the classroom (A $550 value)
    • We will create an online professional development workshop inspiring teachers to use your game and show them how to use it in their classrooms (A $450 value)
    • We will provide quarterly feedback on your game from our experiences, as will as testimonials, pictures, videos and social media of your game in action

      Estimated Reach: 250,000
  • Sales (purchased games, not games required for sponsorship)
    • Your game will be available at Professor Qwbli's locations
    • Your game will be available at our Online Store (launching this summer)
    • Your game will be included in one of our Brain-Boosting Fun Packs (sold at Professor Qwbli's, email marketing, online store, at conferences/workshops and directly to schools)

      Estimated Sales: 100-150 Copies over 12 months (this is in addition to others sold as a result of your game's exposure through our programs and events)


  • $350 sponsorship fee (one year)
  • 36 games
  • Digital marketing collateral (logo, brochure, pictures, etc.)

Sponsorship Fees

  • Single Game: $350
  • Multiple Games: $500
Number of Games:
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