Wednesdays: 5:00 - 6:30
Starts January 11th
Grades: 2nd - 8th
Cost: $150

Sample Silly Science Activities

Chewing Gum Lab - Make delicious Chewing gum and learning about the science of polymers and physical science while conducting experiments with gum.

Build your own Flying Ornithopters - Learn how insects and birds fly and how wings generate lift. 

Glow Stick Lab - Make some awesome, non-toxic glow sticks that shine in cool colors from household items.

Buber Band Racers - Fly into physics with rubber bands! Learn how elastic materials store energy and releases it to move objects. 

Speaker Lab - Are you ready to rock out to some sick beats AND learn about the science of sound and how speakers amplify sound waves. Discover which materials produce the best sound. 

Global Water Quality - Learn how science can be used to give people around the world access to clean water. Test water using pH analysis and experiment t with water purification. 

Recycled Paper Press - Recycle scrap paper, old newspapers, and tissue paper into beautiful hand-crafted paper. Learn why recycling used materials into new ones is a crucial to a sustainable future.

Plus a bunch of mini-experiments, like making your own butter in a mason jar or your own moon dust!