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Our Team




JOEL - Your Friendly Neighborhood Brain, Boosting, Laughter-Inducing Game Trike!

For the past eight years we have dreamed of one day having a mobile "game mobile". Imagine a branded Ford Transit Connect to could pull into a park and use the power of play to engage families and help them find new ways to connect. Imagine showing up at a tornado damaged community to use the power of play to help heal, to keep the kids occupied. Imagine this game mobile at festivals celebrating communities. Imagine it at schools hosting programs to boost students cognitive abilities or showing and inspiring teachers to use play in their classrooms. Imagine visiting minor baseball parks, conventions, The possibiites are endless.

We grew the company and advanced our mission by getting out there and showing people how powerful play can truly be. From Family Game Nights, to educational conferences, to festivals, to school assemblies, to visiting hospitals, senior centers and even Goplin Missouri after the devastating tornado in 2008.

We identified long ago that the mobile game mobile would be the best way to promote our mission and grow the company. The problem is that that project would have needed $40,000 to get off the ground, so we put it on the back burner.

Then we land in Traverse City, open our first brick & mortar and and the light bulb lit up! How cool would it be to accomplish all those thigns and much more with "game bike" instead of a van? Something that could become part of the community taht would have its own social media outlets. Something we could brand and use to bring the power of the play to people in our own community. Somethign we could also use for advance promotion in future Professor Qwbli's locations, such as Grand Rapids. 

We played around with several visions and names for this project while trying to develop somethings that fits our mission and is scalable. We struggled and then we met a local inventor, a mechanical engineer by trade, who creates one-of-a-kind bicycles or at least thigns with pedals!

This fit our mission in many ways from innovation to creativity and we knew we had found our answer. We are so excited to introduce you to JOEL - Your Friendly Neighborhood Brain-Boosting, Laughter-Inducing Game Trike!


JOEL will be able to roll into parks, events, schools, trails all over Norhtn Michicagn so everyone can experience the power of play. JOEL will be customized in such a way that the back will unfold into a perfect playing surface.

  • Storage
  • Umbrella
  • Secondary Playing surface

Why JOEL? There are two reasons we named the bike, or more accuarately trike, JOEL. First, JOEL is the creation of Joel Wiggins - a Northern Michigan native and inventor of things,. We wanted to honor his creative genius. Secondly, JOEL stands for Just Out Enjoying Life.

We hope to debut JOEL at the Traverse City Film Festival later this month, but we will need your help to make that happen. Part of the funds raised through this campaign will go to completeting this project. We have a bunch of great perks for your support!


How you can help:

Revenue Sharing

  • $5,000 Investment
  • $2,500 Investment
  • $1,500 Investment

Back our latest project: : JOEL - Your Friendly Neighborhood Brain-Boosting, Laughter-Inducing Play Trike



  • $1,000
  • $500

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