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After-School Programs

Students have been in school all day. We just want our students to come in and have fun,laugh and simply have a blast with their peers - they don’t need to know that they are developing important skills that will lead them to a lifetime of success! Shhhh, don’t tell them!

We use use screen-free games & activities to build, strengthen and develop the EMOTIONAL, AFFECTIVE, PHYSICAL, ATTENTION, LANGUAGE, SOCIAL & COGNITIVE abilities of students through innovative play-based after-school programs.

Program Options:

  • Soaring Science
  • Exploring Simple Machines
  • Professor Qwbli's Design Challenge
  • Creative Writing Collaborative
  • Print My Ride
  • Knockin' Noggins Jr.
  • Sharp As A Tack
  • Professor Qwbli's Silly Science
  • 7 ATE 9
  • Young Inventor Workshop
  • Young Authors Workshop
  • Gifted
  • rise & SHINE! (morning program)
  • Take Me To Your Leader
  • NO BULLY ZONE (Play-Based Anti-Bullying Program)


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Select an Event


Nobody does a Family Game Night like us - NOBODY! It is how we built the company. We spend years hosting dynamic, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing Family Game Nights across the country. 

Since then we have added several versions of our game night, high-octane Tournaments and introduced our Parent Institute in 2013, which went on to be our most requested event!

If you are looking for a unique fundraising idea, look no further than our Family Game Night FUN(d)raiser! Our Family Game Night FUN(d)raisers have raised funds ranging from $750 - $11,500 with an average of $2,500 per event - not bad for a 2-hour event! We have a whole host of ways to raise money at this event and will work with you to help you engage your local community to find matching donors.

Event Options:

  • Family Game Night $450
  • Fun With Math Night $450
  • Family Literacy Night $450
  • Parent Institute $650
  • Family Game Night/Parent Institute Dual event $850
  • Family Game Night FUN(d)raiser* $650
  • Game Tournaments $450
The Play With Purpose Family Game Night is AMAZING! Not only did everyone have a absolute blast, we discovered new ways to connect as a family. My family is closer as a result of this night!
— Julie Mortenssen, Parent
Their Family Game Nights are legendary. Their after-school programs are our most popular and have made a real impact on those students attending, but their Parent Institute has changed the lives of many of our families. This was truly a remarkable evening!
— Nancy Wright, PTO President

To learn more about our assembly options, please contact us at


You asked for one-day options and we delivered with Professor Qwbli's Assemblies!

Assembly Options:

  • Cardboard Challenge
  • Professor Qwbli's Design Challenge
  • Silly Science
  • Young Authors Workshop
  • 7 Ate 9
  • Play With Purpose Power Hour
  • The Knockin' Noggins Game Show
  • Tournaments (SET, Blink, Spot It!, Chess King, One Up!, QWIXX, Roll For It!, Quarto, Ratuki, Bananagrams Challenge)

Prices for our assemblies vary depending on the assembly, the duration, staffing requirements and logistical issues. We offer half-day & full-day options.

Professional Development

Play With Purpose is the leader in Play-Based Learning. We host a variety of professional development workshops designed to help teachers build the cognitive abilities that will lead their students to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families.

Through our workshop you will not only understand the benefits of play and its impact of teaching and learning, but also given the knowledge, tools and resources to transform your classroom.

Our dynamic workshops are a truly amazing hands-on experience, so be ready to roll up your sleeves and experience The Power of Play!

Some of our workshops:

  • The Benefits of Play & Its Impact on Teaching & Learning 
  • Increasing Your Students' Cognitive Processing Speed with Games 
  • Developing Thinking & Reasoning Skills Through Play
  • Teaching Language Arts with Screen-Free Games 
  • Teaching Math with Screen-Free Games 
  • STOP Bullying with Games!
  • Meeting the Needs of your Gifted Students with Screen-Games
  • How to use Games to Differentiate Instruction in your Classroom
  • Classroom Management Through Game
  • Bananagrams in the Classroom
  • Games & The Spectrum Student
  • The Impact of Play on the ESL Student
  • Social Emotional Learning Through Play
  • The Snake Oil Project
  • Creative Writing with Games

Contact us at to discuss professional development workshops at your school.