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“The Play With Purpose Family Game Night is AMAZING! Not only did everyone have an absolute blast, we discovered new ways to connect as a family. My family is closer as a result of this night!”
— Julie Mortenssen, Parent

Our Family Game Nights are designed to help schools increase parental involvement and strengthen the school community, as well as to inspire families to make game play a staple in their homes and provide them the opportunity to discover dynamic, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing screen-free games from around the world.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Your School Should Be Hosting a Family Game Night:

  1. Family Game Nights help families discover new ways to connect! Playing together fosters family communication. We are living in a time of increasingly individual and solitary activity, with each member of the family going his/her own way to pursue individual interests. Screen-free games provide fertile ground for casual sharing of sometimes not-so-casual information.
  2. Family Game Nights provide unique learning opportunities. From strengthening academic weaknesses and developing critical cognitive abilities to learning how to communicate effectively and teaching important life skills, Family Game Nights create unique opportunities for your students to learn in an environment that is safe, nurturing and fun. Regular game nights give children practice in these essential skills and provide immediate feedback about what works and what doesn’t.
  3. Family Game Nights help establish a brain-healthy home. Having a family game night is healthy. There are numerous studies linking playing screen-free games to healthy brain fitness. Playing games strengthens and develops cognitive abilities and creates new neural pathways, which help our brains work more efficiently. Screen-free games can also be good physical exercise (depending on the game being played), and keep kids from simply sitting in front of the T.V. or computer for hours on end, which has been linked to many negative consequences.
  4. Family Game Nights are FUN! Family game time can be a time when the family has fun and laughs together – this alone will help to create life-long memories and good times! The world needs more fun & laughter. What better way to do that than with your family and friends while playing games? However, it is critical to find games that engage the entire family. Gone are the days of playing Candyland, Monopoly and Sorry!
  5. Family Game Nights provide inexpensive Entertainment. In a day and age when even activities like going out to the movies can be economically out of reach, games are affordable. Games are generally inexpensive, last a long time, and can even be borrowed and traded with other families.

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We are celebrating the opening of our first brick & mortar and the country's first play-based learning center with a SALE on our Special Events, including our legendary FAMILY GAME NIGHT! Don't miss this opportunity to bring The Power of Play to your school at the lowest price of the year!

Nobody does a Family Game Night like us - NOBODY! It is how we built the company. We have spent years hosting dynamic, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing Family Game Nights across the country. 

Since then we have added several versions of our game night, high-octane Tournaments and introduced our Parent Institute in 2013, which went on to be our most requested event!

Family Game Night

Family Game Night

“Their Family Game Nights are legendary. Their after-school programs are our most popular and have made a real impact on those students attending, but their Parent Institute has changed the lives of many of our families. This was truly a remarkable evening!”
— Nancy Wright, PTO President

Event Options:

  • Family Game Night $650 - ONLY $400
  • Fun With Math Night $650 - ONLY $400
  • Family Literacy Night $650 - ONLY $400
  • Parent Institute $850 - ONLY $600
  • Family Game Night/Parent Institute Dual event $850 - ONLY $600
  • Family Game Night FUN(d)raiser* $650 -ONLY $400
  • Tournaments $450 - ONLY $300
    • SET Tournament
    • ONE UP! Tournament
    • Bananagrams Challenge
    • MÖBI Tournament
    • Spot It! Tournament
    • Stack Up Tournament
    • Blink Tournament
Play With Purpose Parent Institute

Play With Purpose Parent Institute