10 Amazing Games for JUST $70


We have been challenged! We have to sell 30 games TODAY! In order to meet that challenge, we have had to be a little creative and a little crazy!

We are "giving away" these TEN games for just $70.00!!! That is $163.25 worth of award-winning games, brain-boosting, laughter-inducing games for JUST $70! This bundle includes our most popular game for 7 years running, Backseat Drawing and two of our current favorites, Tem-PURR-A and Rushi!

Here is what is included:

  • Backseat Drawing
  • Rollick
  • Jungle Speed
  • Tem-PURR-A
  • Adorable Pandering
  • Innovation
  • Rushi
  • One Up
  • Twizmo
  • Flag Dash

THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD TODAY. Order now and pick-up at Professor Qwbli's (406 S. Union Street) or we will ship it to you for an additional $7.99.

  • Games for ages 5 to 105
  • Great gift for families
  • Great gift for teachers